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Artist Statement

Eva-Lotte, an Amsterdam mixed media artist, uses photography to anchor her work. She studies photography at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague. Her practice extends beyond the visual realm as she simultaneously studies Gender & Sexuality at the University of Amsterdam while pursuing her Anthropology degree. With her art practice, Eva-Lotte touches upon personal topics, and attempts to unearth structures and societal taboos. Her work serves as a mirror and challenges perspectives, showing her reflections on the world and the narratives that shape it. She creates space for others and invites people to reflect or engage with the work. Through the tangible nature of her art, she strives to give form to the intangible and hidden, inciting conversations on social themes close to her heart, such as gender, sexuality, mental health, and family dynamics.


2024 april, FOAM x Polaroid

Online group exhibition on FOAM website in collaboration with Polaroid, go to exhibition

2024 January, Unbound Echoes

Komma Collective group exhibition in The Grey Space in the Middle, The Hague


2023 February, Residents of Dr. Sarphatihuis

Permanent exhibition of 6 c-print 60x80cm portraits, Dr. Sarphatihuis, Amsterdam


2022 May, Broken Wings

Marshmellow Cube group exhibition in Gallery Two Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague


2022 March, In the Midst of Monsters

Riverbed Collective group exhibition in Motoki, Cologne, Germany


2021 December, Visual Essay

Class exhibition in Gallery One Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague


2021 March, Convergence

Public garden at Blijenburg 44, The Hague


2020 November, temporary display of two images, Back to Black café, Amsterdam


2024 dummy, Unbound Echoes

2024 group catalogue, Komma Collective, Unbound Echoes

2023 dummy, Me, You, In-between

2022 group catalogue, Riverbed Collective, In the Midst of Monsters

2022 single edition posterzine, Visual Essay


2021-ongoing, Photography, Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague

2023, minor Gender & Sexuality Studies, University of Amsterdam

2023, Anthropology, University of Amsterdam

2014, Camera Journalism, OpenStudio

2012, Journalism, InHolland Select Studies



Copyright 2024 © Eva-Lotte van Rossen. All Rights Reserved


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